Signup Forums Filmmaking Is it okay for a married man/woman to kiss another in a scene? Reply To: Is it okay for a married man/woman to kiss another in a scene?

  • Meggie Jenny

    May 2, 2020 at 3:14 pm

    I’ve received scripts where my character is kissing another actor. I am always very honest about it with production, BEFORE accepting the role. In the Christian film world as of now, the director and I have always made it work. We’ve done the “nearly kiss” or the faked kiss (camera angles and blocking are critical to make that work, but it’s always looked completely natural in the experience I have with it). That does not mean I expect productions to adjust to me either. I have had secular projects that I have turned down due to content or production wanting the kiss to remain in the script. I absolutely get that! It’s the director’s vision for the film that needs to be served. Actors should always be up front about anything they are uncomfortable doing on screen. It doesn’t serve the production or yourself to not be honest from the moment you see something in the script you’re not comfortable doing on screen. You shouldn’t comprise your convictions for your career.

    Also, remember you are not alone in this conviction. Neal McDonough has made a name for himself as someone who won’t kiss on screen and he has been a part of some very successful projects. You don’t have to force your way into a room God wants you in. Trust Him to bring the right projects, keep working hard and stay true to the boundaries God gave you.