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  • Ducon Williams

    May 5, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    I enjoyed the read, Brother Allen. You’ve got deep perspective and compelling reasons for your opinion(s). From a general audience stand point, I’d have to agree with your picks. Hearing the words “Christian” and “Film” together always gets a reaction out of me. The way we use it, “Christian” is an adjective describing the type of film. But I tend to view “Christian” as a verb that the “Film” is doing. If the film is promoting and encouraging us to be true followers of Christ, I would call it a true Christian Film. Using this as my definition, I would say the Kendrick Brothers films are the best. I love the films that The Erwin Brothers do, too, but feel like their films try to draw in from the secular world. Which isn’t a bad thing! Perhaps the Erwin Brothers do this, knowing that “those that are well have no need of a doctor” as Jesus taught. Perhaps appealing to the secular opens them up to have the seed of Christ planted in a small way, that is not overwhelming to them. Both have value, in my opinion.

    That said, I partially enjoyed Mom’s Night Out, and highly respect the value it presented. But while watching, I never felt that burning to pursue Christ, or become a true Christian like I have with other Christian Films. Thank you for your perspective. You’ve done your research and I value your opinion!