Looking for awesome screenplays?

  • Looking for awesome screenplays?

  • Matthew Allen

    June 3, 2020 at 7:13 pm

    Hey everyone!

    Hope you all are enjoying the festival and having a great time! Allow me to introduce myself: I am a writer/director who has a few scripts done/on the go at the moment, and wanted to see if anyone here (especially producers) would be interested in talking about submissions. I don’t have a manager or agent at the moment, and therefore am pitching my material to people myself.

    Here’s what I currently have:
    “Nothing, Arizona” (Neo-Western, Crime Drama)
    After their bank robbery goes horribly wrong, four friends racing for the Mexican border are forced to take a detour: into the ghost town of Nothing, Arizona. With one man shot and limited supplies, their options quickly become desperate. Meanwhile, the local sheriff and his deputy are on the hunt, against the wishes of the called-in FBI, as they search for the thieves. As the pressure increases, the cops and robbers are both forced to revaluate their perspectives, before time finally runs out.

    “1990s Action Movie” (Action Comedy, currently being written)
    Los Angeles, 1994. When a by-the-book cop accidentally arrests a sloppy undercover CIA agent whose cover has just been blown, both their worlds suddenly flip upside down. With the infamous Bald Skulls gang after Agent Dave and corrupt cops after Officer Carl, the duo rushes to flee the city in an attempt to meet up with Dave’s CIA contact and deliver his stash of incriminating evidence. But as the night goes on, both men come to realize nothing is really as it seems and despite their differences, the only way to truly find redemption starts with them uniting forces.

    I don’t know if either of these projects are in anybody’s wheelhouse, but I also have treatments, one-page pitches, loglines, etc. for both in addition to the final scripts. I would love to chat with anyone interested, especially about Nothing, Arizona as it is finished, so give me a shout! 🙂

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